Who is Lakeshore Law Center?

Lakeshore Law Center is the name Jeffrey Wilens use for his “Firm”.  When you look at Lakeshore Law Center website, it brags how great is Jeffry Wilens and his “Firm”, giving prospective clients directions how to drive to the “Firm” offices, but in reality the address is only a UPS store PO Box. That is how Jeffrey Wilens starts representing himself to the world. Maybe he expects his clients to meet him inside the Box…

Acting like a big-shot with his Lakeshore Law Center Jeffrey Wilens pretends to “help the little guy”, but in reality he is not interested in helping anyone other that himself using class action lawsuit abuse which are not intended to seek justice but to essentially shakedown a defendant and extort $100′s thousands from the corporate defendant victims.

How credible is that kind of lawyer and “Law Firm”… ?  You the reader be the judge.

Lakeshore Law Center fake office driving directionsLakeshore Law Center fake “office” driving directions


Jeffrey Wilens Attorney operates out of UPS StoreJeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore law center operates out of UPS Store


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