Who is Jeffrey Wilens?

Jeffrey Wilens is an Ambulance Chaser type of lawyer which refers to a lawyer soliciting for clients at a disaster site and lure them to file meritless lawsuits. Ambulance chasing is prohibited in the US.

Definition of Ambulance Chaser : ”The type of lawyer who ranks lower than a pile of excrement in terms of what he/she contributes to society.”  See the Full Definition of Ambulance Chaser

Jeffrey Wilens is an unscrupulous individual that treats class-action lawsuits as business venture, manipulating the system to increase his own wealth and Wilens family members acting as fabricated “clients”. The class-action members ends up with little or meaningless value.  Jeffrey Wilens ends up with “his fees” -> hundreds of thousands of dollars extortion money he receives as a “settlement” and the alleged victim, the class-action plaintiffs ends up with a discount coupon or some kind of useless freebie.

The ultimate losers are US economy and the consumers he is pretending to help. These consumers ending up having to pay increased prices to for services and goods passed to the consumer as cost of doing business.

In order to file his scam class action lawsuits, Jeffrey Wilens is soliciting fake plaintiffs on a regular basis. When he could not find plaintiffs he used his wife, mother and brother as plaintiffs. Lately he seems to have hard time finding fake plaintiffs so Jeffrey Wilens made himself a plaintiff.

This is how the class-action game is played by lawyers like Jeffrey Wilens. First, charge companies and business people are trying to rip off the consumer with fraud and wrongdoing, even though there’s no evidence or the “injury” is far-fetched or minuscule. Next, get a lead plaintiff to serve as puppet front man for the suit. Finally, shake down the victim company for a settlement that ensures that 6+ digits attorneys’ fees are paid, but that class members get little or nothing. Read more on Washington Examiner  The class-action lawsuit racket

According to this Study of California Class Action Litigation abuses of class action filings in state courts had harmed both class members and defendants, “adversely affected interstate commerce”. The Study of California Class Action Litigation was conducted in collaboration with the University of California Hastings Law College to provide data about class action litigation in California and to promote more informed policy about this controversial abusive litigation tool.

Also Apparently Jeffrey Wilens is a Wife Cheater

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