Who is Jeffrey Spencer?

Jeffrey Spencer Esq. from the Spencer Law Firm is Jeffrey Wilens associate and appear to be partner to the Class Action Scams.

Jeffrey Spencer appears as the second lawyer in all Jeffrey Wilens Class Action Scam filled lawsuits.

Jeffrey Spencer keeps a lower profile in all these scam cases and is also representing Jeffrey Wilens in 2 Class Action Scam lawsuits whereby Jeffrey Wilens is the “Plaintiff”.

Attorney Jeffrey Spencer

Jeffrey Spencer

Jeffrey Spencer – Jeffrey Wilens partner has been criticized by the court before.
A San Clemente attorney who sent a letter to various members in a conditionally certified class action urging them to opt out of a settlement and retain him was properly enjoined from further communicating with class members, the First District Court of Appeal has ruled.”  
“The judge specifically found Spencer’s letters were misleading, violated the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding communications with represented parties, and had attempted to interfere with the proper procedures governing the proposed settlement of the case.  He ordered that a corrective notice be sent and directed Spencer to refrain from any further communications with class members that he did not represent.”




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