Jeffrey Wilens was involed in litigation with DirecTV at least 17 times

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center has been involved in heavy obsessive litigation with DirecTV.  We have listed below 17 cases that we know of but there may be more.

Jeffrey Wilens Class action execution reminds of a Serial killer’s Sociopath behavior. Jeffrey Wilens is so obsessed he never knows when to stop.  These cases are completely driven by what appears to be his own psychopathic hard-nosed self-interest and greed, and not the interest of the “victims” in his class action suits.

As far as we can find out,  Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center lost or never won in these cases just to show how he will never give up even though the reality proved to him that his actions are not worthy of pursuing but he is so driven as a typical narcissist that cannot let go.

1. McClelland v. DIRECTV, Inc., et al Colorado District Court, Case No. 1:04-cv-00435-REB-MJW – Jeffrey Wilens sued DirecTV for Racketeering the Lawsuit was dismissed by the Judge for failure to prosecute and to obey orders of this court.

2. Lawrence Freeman v. Directv Inc et al 2:2004-cv-02374 890 04/05/2004 07/13/2004

Frivolous class action against DirecTV dismissed by court and Jeffrey Wilens also lost the appeal 

3. Rod Sosa, et al v. Directv Inc, et al 2:2003-cv-05972 470 08/21/2003 12/03/2003 Class Action Jeffrey Wilens lost - Also Wilens of Lakeshor Law Center Lost on the appeal

The judge also awarded attorney’s fees to DirecTV, putting Wilens’ seven plaintiffs on the hook for a total of nearly $100,000 in law firm liabilities. Wilens’ plaintiffs ordered to pay DirecTV $100,000

4. Kevin Blanchard et al. v. DIRECTV, Inc. et al  BC284166 - Jeffrey Wilens Lost on the appeal

5. Fisher V DirecTV Filled 2004 in Los Angeles County Court

6. Directv Inc v. Rowland, et al 3:2003-cv-00911 890 05/07/2003 09/14/2004

7. Directv v. Scott Booth et al 2:2004-cv-02759 890 04/20/2004 03/22/2005

8. DirecTV Inc v. Neal Sullivan 8:2004-cv-00643 890 06/04/2004 04/15/2005

9. Peter Persano v. DIRECTV Inc et al 2:2005-cv-03732 370 05/19/2005

10. Directv Inc v. Aryo Ehyaei, et al 2:2003-cv-03343 890 05/13/2003 07/22/2004

11. Directv Inc v. Charles Brownlee, et al 2:2003-cv-03625 890 05/21/2003

12. Directv Inc v. Howard Wyche, et al 2:2003-cv-08573 890 11/25/2003 01/12/2005

13. Directv Inc v. George Trejo, et al 2:2003-cv-08578 890 11/25/2003 12/02/2004

14. Directv Inc v. Charles Brownlee, et al 8:2003-cv-01104 890 07/08/2003 11/30/2004

15. Directv Inc v. Phan 2:2004-cv-00537 890 01/27/2004 09/22/2004

16. DIRECTV, Inc. VS Deanna L. Depaoli, etal  2:03-cv-0058 Nevada

17. DIRECTV Inc v. Shaw, et al Arizona District Court, Case No. 2:04-cv-00504-HRH Read more about how Jeffrey Wilens Class action which reminds of a Serial killer’s Sociopath behavior starting in the headline “Multiple Lawsuits”.

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