Jeffrey Wilens is an unethical Platintiffs’ Attorney

Jeffrey Wilens disregards the original purpose of Class Action Lawsuits and instead abuses the process for his own financial gain, initiating litigation in the name of “plaintiffs” who have not suffered any actual injury.

Jeffrey Wilens’s Plaintiffs can potentially get a judgment awarded against them and owing the companies which are being sued by Jeffrey Wilens, just like in the below case of DirecTV. Jeffrey Wilens plaintiffs ordered to pay DirecTV $100,000  The judge in the DirecTV case ordered the plaintiffs to pay the attorney’s fees of DirecTV, placing Wilens’s  plaintiffs liable  for about $100,000 judgment against them.

Jeffrey Wilens is engaging in the same activity similar to other lawyers who were disbarred and/or Jailed Lawyers.  Jeffrey Wilens is using the court procedures and the law as a weapon against the corporate victims.

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center has no “Real Plaintiff Clients” the only “Client” is himself.  He looks for Corporate America victims, allege a fake violation and finds a way to fabricate the plaintiff by secretly offering the first “Class-Action-Member” a portion of the settlement pay-off just so he could file the initial lawsuit.

Why people are so easy to be tempted and become a fake plaintiff? Lawyers like Jeffrey Wilens pitch class-action lawsuits as a way a struggling person can become rich or get at least some amount of money with the only effort needed is to fill out a questionnaire. Yet these fake plaintiff fantasy almost never become real.  Read more: Why people become a fake plaintiff

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The Class Action Racket on ”This is about a dysfunctional system where everyone involved is incentivized to act against the best interests of the people for whom the system was designed to help — consumers and the general public.”

Stop class action scam ”lawyer finds one of his ready-plaintiffs and files a class action”

Read about the United States House of Representatives recent act to stop Class Action abuse

Words of The Honorable Chairman of House of Representatives Bob Goodlatte:
From “class actions filed by lawyers on behalf of classes including members who have not suffered any actual injury.  These class actions are often comprised of class members that do not even know they have been harmed, do not care about the minor or nonexistent injuries the lawsuit is based on, and generally have no interest in pursuing wasteful litigation.  Often, these class members are included in the lawsuit against their will, as they are entirely satisfied with the product the trial lawyers claim is defective.”  Read more on from The Honorable Chairman Bob Goodlatte about Class action members who have not suffered any actual injury

Class-action lawsuits are proven to be based on less solid grounds in terms of injury.  Class-action lawsuits have cost people their jobs when dirty lawyers have secured outrageous punitive damages against companies they sue and forced them downsize or close. The real losers are the consumers who Jeffry Wilens pretends to help, employees and companies that end up paying the price of litigation.

Jeffrey Wilens obsession suing Storage Companies

More examples of Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center acting like a Narcissist who cannot stop making up class action cases no matter how many times he has lost before.

He is not only using unethical techniques, he also continuously attempts to defraud the court by filling bogus cases with fabricated allegations.

Jeffrey Wilens is also cheating on his court fees, see in case #1, where his fees were reduces to only 10% of the original fees he requested.

1. Worley v. Storage USA, Inc. Filed 12/21/09 .
Jeffrey Wilens lost the appeal filed on May 20, 2011
The court made determination that the case had been “over-litigated” by Jeffrey Wilens just for the purpose of milking his fees from the case. The court order resulted from the inflated billing by Jeffrey Wilens, reduced the amount requested by Jeffrey Wilens from $266,221 to $26,543.

Read the order: Jeffrey Wilens lost on the appeal and court order for Wilens to pay Storage USA costs on the appeal. More about Jeffrey Wilens lost on class action appeal.

After losing in court trying to obtain his inflated fees, Jeffrey Wilens continued to obsessively persue storage facilities.

Next, Jeffrey Wilens continued to file 3 more cases against Extra Space Storage.

2. John Mahoney v. Extra Space Storage – Please read the link and decide for yourself if this is a“concocted case” whereby the “Plaintiff” John Mahoney rented “an entire storage unit” in order to store a handful of $100 worth of CDs. (Imagine a whole storage unit with a bag containing some old CD’s in it) Than John Mahoney does not pay the rent for the second and third month, ignores and does not reply to phone calls and mail reminding him to pay and informing him that per the agreement he signed his CDs are about to be auctioned. Couple months later Jeffrey Wilens files a class action for violating the California Self-Service Storage Facility Act, with John Mahoney as the lead plaintiff.

Here you can see Jeffrey Wilens lost and also lost the appeal court’s order denying Jeffrey Wilens class certification   Mahoney v. Extra Space Storage Filed 9/26/13

3. Tiffany Curtis v. Extra Space Storage Inc., et al., Case No. 3:12-cv-00319
Here Judge Stops Extra Space Storage Class Action Lawsuit, once again Jeffrey Wilens Lost Class Action Lawsuit

Still not giving-up on his obsession Jeffrey Wilens filed On 12/10/2012 a 4th Class Action Lawsuit.

4. Martinez v. Extra Space Storage 3:2013-cv-00319 380 01/23/2013 
Once again Jeffrey Wilens Lost on Class Action Lawsuit certification.

Read more how Jeffrey Wilens Lost on Class Action Scam

02/25/2014 Jeffrey Wilens ordered by the Court to pay $10,813 for failure to produce his plaintiff Teresa Ann Martinez for a deposition.  Apparently Teresa Ann Martinez could not take it anymore being involved with Jeffrey Wilens scam and decided not to cooperate with him anymore.

More on this case Martinez v. Extra Space Storage, order for Jeffrey Wilens to stop plaintiffs Solicitation and return produced documents after Jeffrey Wilens violated court protective order.

Beware, Don’t get involved with any of Jeffrey Wilens Class Action Lawsuits

Plaintiffs could potentially get have a judgment against them by the entities which are being sued by Jeffrey Wilens, just like in the case below of DirecTV. Jeffrey Wilens plaintiffs ordered to pay DirecTV $100,000. The judge awarded plaintiffs to pay attorney’s fees to DirecTV, placing Wilens’ seven plaintiffs on the hook for about $100,000.Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center is a lawyer who was trained and experienced in the art of persuasion, and he may persuade you to do something that is against your best interest. Don’t listen to him. If you get a solicitation from Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center to be a member of his class action lawsuits. You need to know that lawyer solicitation for clients is a felony, this is the kind of crime that other lawyers went to jail for. Read More Here:
In our opinion the way he is soliciting his plaintiffs, is barratry & Champerty and maintenance  which is considered to be a crime (Just like ambulance chasing). You don’t want to get involved and be a co-conspirator with Jeffrey Wilens and his conduct. Do yourself a favor and keep your life out of unnecessary headaches. You don’t want to get calls from the DA or Law Enforcement asking you what you have to do with Jeffrey Wilens. In fact, in the Hernandez v. Vitamin Shoppe Indus, Jeffrey Wilens was sanctioned for improperly soliciting class members
Read More About Dirty Class Action Lawyers and Class Action Scams: Top class-action lawyer to be indictedClass action lawsuits — legalized extortion Facts – “Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society.”

Class action or class extortion

Lawyers Destroying America “Ambulance Chasing Lawyers and Frivolous Lawsuits” – Two big reasons for the high cost of… everything!

Frivolous And Class Action Lawsuits

“The class action game”

Ambulance Chasing Lawyers and Frivolous Lawsuits; list of lawyers get the millions, plaintiff the dollars”

“The class action extortion racket” “class action lawsuits – the crème de la crème for the American lawyer’s extortion racket”

Class-action lawsuit racket:  ”Unfortunately, that is how the class-action game is played across the country. First, trial lawyers work to convince the public that most corporations and business people are trying to rip off the consumer or shareholder. Then they accuse companies with “breaking the law” and wrongdoing, even though there’s no evidence or the “injury” is far-fetched or minuscule. If there is a lack of evidence, simply manufacture it. Next, get a lead plaintiff to serve as the front man for the suit. Finally, shake down the targeted company for a settlement that ensures that 100-thousands or multimillion-dollar attorneys’ fees are paid, but that class members get little or nothing.”

LA Times Article The case of the class-action con

Jeffrey Wilens was involed in litigation with DirecTV at least 17 times

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center has been involved in heavy obsessive litigation with DirecTV.  We have listed below 17 cases that we know of but there may be more.

Jeffrey Wilens Class action execution reminds of a Serial killer’s Sociopath behavior. Jeffrey Wilens is so obsessed he never knows when to stop.  These cases are completely driven by what appears to be his own psychopathic hard-nosed self-interest and greed, and not the interest of the “victims” in his class action suits.

As far as we can find out,  Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center lost or never won in these cases just to show how he will never give up even though the reality proved to him that his actions are not worthy of pursuing but he is so driven as a typical narcissist that cannot let go.

1. McClelland v. DIRECTV, Inc., et al Colorado District Court, Case No. 1:04-cv-00435-REB-MJW – Jeffrey Wilens sued DirecTV for Racketeering the Lawsuit was dismissed by the Judge for failure to prosecute and to obey orders of this court.

2. Lawrence Freeman v. Directv Inc et al 2:2004-cv-02374 890 04/05/2004 07/13/2004

Frivolous class action against DirecTV dismissed by court and Jeffrey Wilens also lost the appeal 

3. Rod Sosa, et al v. Directv Inc, et al 2:2003-cv-05972 470 08/21/2003 12/03/2003 Class Action Jeffrey Wilens lost - Also Wilens of Lakeshor Law Center Lost on the appeal

The judge also awarded attorney’s fees to DirecTV, putting Wilens’ seven plaintiffs on the hook for a total of nearly $100,000 in law firm liabilities. Wilens’ plaintiffs ordered to pay DirecTV $100,000

4. Kevin Blanchard et al. v. DIRECTV, Inc. et al  BC284166 - Jeffrey Wilens Lost on the appeal

5. Fisher V DirecTV Filled 2004 in Los Angeles County Court

6. Directv Inc v. Rowland, et al 3:2003-cv-00911 890 05/07/2003 09/14/2004

7. Directv v. Scott Booth et al 2:2004-cv-02759 890 04/20/2004 03/22/2005

8. DirecTV Inc v. Neal Sullivan 8:2004-cv-00643 890 06/04/2004 04/15/2005

9. Peter Persano v. DIRECTV Inc et al 2:2005-cv-03732 370 05/19/2005

10. Directv Inc v. Aryo Ehyaei, et al 2:2003-cv-03343 890 05/13/2003 07/22/2004

11. Directv Inc v. Charles Brownlee, et al 2:2003-cv-03625 890 05/21/2003

12. Directv Inc v. Howard Wyche, et al 2:2003-cv-08573 890 11/25/2003 01/12/2005

13. Directv Inc v. George Trejo, et al 2:2003-cv-08578 890 11/25/2003 12/02/2004

14. Directv Inc v. Charles Brownlee, et al 8:2003-cv-01104 890 07/08/2003 11/30/2004

15. Directv Inc v. Phan 2:2004-cv-00537 890 01/27/2004 09/22/2004

16. DIRECTV, Inc. VS Deanna L. Depaoli, etal  2:03-cv-0058 Nevada

17. DIRECTV Inc v. Shaw, et al Arizona District Court, Case No. 2:04-cv-00504-HRH Read more about how Jeffrey Wilens Class action which reminds of a Serial killer’s Sociopath behavior starting in the headline “Multiple Lawsuits”.

Read more on the Wall street Journal

Jeffrey Wilens Narcissist

Class-Action Lawyer Gets 30 Months in Prison

Jeffrey Wilens is engaged in the same practice as Melvin Weiss an attorney who was jailed for promising high pay outs to plaintiffs and encouraging them to join in frivolous lawsuits.

Via – Read More Here

According to investigation, lawyers pleaded guilty for roles in what prosecutors described as a criminal conspiracy that lasted for decades..

The Law firm that they built together dominated the lucrative field of class action litigation, filing many lawsuits against publicly traded companies on baseless grounds.

He pleaded guilty to conspiring to make secret payments to lead plaintiffs in such class actions,  and MAKING UP FAKE VICTIMS in their cases.

Lakeshore Law Center run by Jeffrey Wilens has a history of filing class action lawsuit using his family members as professional plaintiffs, so it’s more easy to hide that they are all made up fake plaintiffs.

Melvyn Weiss


Plaintiff Payments

After conducting an investigation, the U.S. Justice Department alleged that four of Melvin Weiss firm’s partner lawyers ran an illegal program that paid secret kickbacks to plaintiffs in return for filing the class action lawsuits. In 2007, prosecutors alleged that Weiss disguised a $175,000 kickback Dr. Steven Cooperman, one of the firm’s professional plaintiffs, as a payment for the option to acquire a Picasso painting from the Beverly Hills eye doctor.

Milberg Weiss, now known as Milberg LLP, paid $75 million to settle federal charges related to the kickbacks, which enabled the firm to gain an edge over other attorneys in winning the lucrative lead role in securities class actions. After pleading guilty in April 2008 to charges of racketeering conspiracy, Weiss was sentenced to 2 1/2 years and served time in a minimum security federal prison in Morgantown, West Virginia.

His law firm was indicted in 2006, along with other dirty class cation lawyers David Bershad and Steven Schulman, for their role in the 10 years conspiracy to pay kickbacks to clients to serve as name plaintiffs in class actions. According to the prosecutors The scheme allowed Milberg to have aready stable of plaintiffs that filed cases quickly just like Jeffrey Wilens’s family members.

Still, in handing down a sentence on the high end of the 33 month plea agreement, Judge John Walte pointed to what he called the seriousness of the offense, which involved a “nationwideconspiracy that continued for decades.”

Melvyn Weiss, co-founding partner of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP, leaves the U.S. District Courthouse in Los Angeles, on Oct. 12, 2007. Photographer: Tim Rue/Bloomberg

Melvyn Weiss when he was still a “Lawyer”


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Jeffrey Wilens acting like a bigshot, operating out of a PO Box at the UPS store


Jeffrey Wilens scam office is a UPS Post Box

Jeffrey Wilens fraud office is a UPS Post Box

This is the address Jeffrey Wilens uses on his Lakeshore Law Center Website and the one he uses everywhere on the internet as his official office address:

Jeffrey Wilens scam fake  office is a UPS Post Box

Jeffrey Wilens scam fake office is a UPS Post Box

How respectable could this Lakeshore law Center firm be?  You the reader be the judge

Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to Prison for Making up fake clients

Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to Prison for conduct that reminds of the practice that Jeffrey Wilens Lakeshore Law Center  use.

Read the LA Times Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to 2 years Prison

William S. Lerach, was sentenced Monday to two years in prison and ordered to forfeit $7.75 million for concealing illegal payments to a plaintiff in the class-action lawsuits for which the firm became famous and engaged in make payments to people to secure them as plaintiffs in their class action cases.

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters Prosecutors for the United States attorney’s office of the Central District of California, who worked on the case for seven years, say that Mr. Lerach and others lined up the plaintiffs ahead of time to gain an illegal advantage over other law firms engaged in the same suits.

By being designated the lead plaintiff, the law firm stood to reap a larger share of any eventual lawyers’ fees.

In his guilty plea, Mr. Lerach admitted to concealing from federal judges his secret payments to one such plaintiff, Dr. Steven G. Cooperman.

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center activity need to be exposed, it’s about time to stop the damage inflicted to the US economy by class action lawyers.

Jeffrey Wilens Pretends to Protect the Poor and his brother Gary Wilens works for the offenders

On Jeffrey Wilens‘s law firm Lakeshore Law center website he brags, “Dedicated to fighting fraud, false advertising and abuse by corporations – We stand for the “little guy” (and gal)”

How ironic that Jeffrey Wilens brother Gary Wilens is working for Student Loan Support a Student Loan Repayment company where there is many complaints on the BBB with students being ripped off.

Jeffrey, why don’t you file a class action suit on Student Loan Support Companies and protect all these poor students “the little guys”.

See the BBB complaints here: Gary Wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens BBB scam complaints


Of all the companies Jeffrey Wilens has sued, most of them he’s lost.

Jeffrey Wilens goes after completely legitimate corporations trying to claim some allegedly wacky misconduct, while doing so he terrorizes everyone involved.  In the few cases that he’s settled, he gets his “clients” a measly settlement of around $25 or less usually in the form of a coupon.

Jeffrey Wilens gets the big money while his “clients” the class members “victims” gets nothing.  His “Firm” slogan claims to “Protect the little guy against corporate misconduct.”  How ironic!

litte guy


Examples of the kind of legitimate companies Jeffrey Wilens goes after.

Nordstrom Department Stores
Bank of America
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Verizon Wireless
Delta Airlines
American Express
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Hertz Rent-a-Car