Jeffrey Wilens using his brother Gary Wilens as fake NetFlix class action objector

One more example how Jeffrey Wilens abuse the legal system and using the Wilens family in fake class action.

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center used his brother Gary Wilens as an objector in NetFlix class action Case No. 5:11-cv-00379-EJD.  Jeffrey Wilens used his brother Gary Wilens to maliciously intervene as an “objector” in the NetFlix Class Action lawsuit and objected to the settlement for the purpose of harassment and extortion.

In declaration filled in this case Jeffrey Wilens was accused in making threats and “hold the settlement hostage”. “His decision to represent a family member suggests that, at the time he first with Class Counsel, he did not have a client despite his representations to the contrary” “Jeffrey Wilens has a long history of using improper tactics to file meritless objections on behalf of family members.”

Read the full court filled Declaration by Jay Edelson Esq. about Jeffrey Wilens misconduct

Jeffrey Wilens was playing the same dirty game before and “was sanctioned for improperly soliciting class members to opt-out of the settlement” in the Hernandez v. Vitamin Shoppe Indus, case.


Jeffrey Wilens used is mother Phyllis Wilens in another class action scam.

Wilens represented his mother Phyllis Wilens in another class action objection the Northern District Court Case Number: 12-16739 Vlaho Miletak, et al v. Allstate Insurance Company, et al. The court found his objections to be completely without merit improperly attempted to leverage the threat of an objection to obtain confidential discovery.

The case was eventually dismissed. Her is the Docket of Jeffrey Wilens and Phyllis Wilens ”objections”

Jeffrey Wilens Pretends to Protect the Poor and his brother Gary Wilens works for the offenders

On Jeffrey Wilens‘s law firm Lakeshore Law center website he brags, “Dedicated to fighting fraud, false advertising and abuse by corporations – We stand for the “little guy” (and gal)”

How ironic that Jeffrey Wilens brother Gary Wilens is working for Student Loan Support a Student Loan Repayment company where there is many complaints on the BBB with students being ripped off.

Jeffrey, why don’t you file a class action suit on Student Loan Support Companies and protect all these poor students “the little guys”.

See the BBB complaints here: Gary Wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens BBB scam complaints