About this website

This website is to expose Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center and other dirty lawyers who are fighting their own agenda, for greed rather than their clients agenda for justice.

These lawyers and Jeffrey Wilens seem to believe they are entitled to other peoples wealth, taking advantage of the legal system to deprive them of their hard earned money and agonize their lives.

We are a group of Jeffrey Wilens past victims who have been tortured by his frivolous lawsuits, noticed other lawyers who are doing the same.  Our quality of life has been ruined just for the sake of Jeffrey Wilens’s sickening greed. He has caused us nightmares, interruption to our business and loss money spent on attorneys.

This site  freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment. Any content on this site is legally allowed to be used based on the doctrine of “fair use” which allows uses of copyrighted material for criticism or commentary…

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