Jeffrey Wilens acting like a bigshot, operating out of a PO Box at the UPS store


Jeffrey Wilens scam office is a UPS Post Box

Jeffrey Wilens fraud office is a UPS Post Box

This is the address Jeffrey Wilens uses on his Lakeshore Law Center Website and the one he uses everywhere on the internet as his official office address:

Jeffrey Wilens scam fake  office is a UPS Post Box

Jeffrey Wilens scam fake office is a UPS Post Box

How respectable could this Lakeshore law Center firm be?  You the reader be the judge

Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to Prison for Making up fake clients

Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to Prison for conduct that reminds of the practice that Jeffrey Wilens Lakeshore Law Center  use.

Read the LA Times Class Action Lawyer Sentenced to 2 years Prison

William S. Lerach, was sentenced Monday to two years in prison and ordered to forfeit $7.75 million for concealing illegal payments to a plaintiff in the class-action lawsuits for which the firm became famous and engaged in make payments to people to secure them as plaintiffs in their class action cases.

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters Prosecutors for the United States attorney’s office of the Central District of California, who worked on the case for seven years, say that Mr. Lerach and others lined up the plaintiffs ahead of time to gain an illegal advantage over other law firms engaged in the same suits.

By being designated the lead plaintiff, the law firm stood to reap a larger share of any eventual lawyers’ fees.

In his guilty plea, Mr. Lerach admitted to concealing from federal judges his secret payments to one such plaintiff, Dr. Steven G. Cooperman.

Jeffrey Wilens of Lakeshore Law Center activity need to be exposed, it’s about time to stop the damage inflicted to the US economy by class action lawyers.

Jeffrey Wilens Pretends to Protect the Poor and his brother Gary Wilens works for the offenders

On Jeffrey Wilens‘s law firm Lakeshore Law center website he brags, “Dedicated to fighting fraud, false advertising and abuse by corporations – We stand for the “little guy” (and gal)”

How ironic that Jeffrey Wilens brother Gary Wilens is working for Student Loan Support a Student Loan Repayment company where there is many complaints on the BBB with students being ripped off.

Jeffrey, why don’t you file a class action suit on Student Loan Support Companies and protect all these poor students “the little guys”.

See the BBB complaints here: Gary Wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens Scam BBB complaints

gary wilens BBB scam complaints